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Have Mason Works design an elegant fit-out that speaks to your brand identity and commercial goals. Generally speaking, design firms tend to take a conservative approach when it comes to commercial fit-outs, generally resulting in a sterile space that is virtually interchangeable with every other office in the city. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in Singapore’s office design industry, we are well versed in designing spaces which balance considerations of professionalism and functionality with those of brand identity.

Innovative interior design solutions tailored to the needs of your enterprise

Mason Works specialise in commercial interior fit-outs that address the key criteria we believe is necessary to create a successful office space. This key criteria includes:

  • Brand image: the way that your brand is perceived by clients, competitors, collaborators and the general public plays a key role in the growth and development of your business. A strong brand identity is one which is unique, engaging and memorable, we strive to create spaces which embody these same qualities and effectively communicate the core messages of your enterprise.
  • Functionality: a modern office needs to have a sense of flow and be able to accommodate the day to day operations of your business. We work to develop an understanding of the needs and scope of your business and then design an office interior which caters to these needs.
  • Aesthetics: a modern company office space should look sleek whilst cultivating productivity and a positive work environment. The professionals at Mason Works are well versed in creating interiors which balance considerations of style, professionalism and productivity.
  • Budget: we offer a dynamic range of design solutions to suit a range of budgets. We strive to keep our services cost effective wherever possible and provide accurate quotes wherever possible.

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